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The Western Finger Lakes Region

The Western Finger Lakes region is a water lover's paradise. Boating, fishing and swimming are all popular summer activities. Because of their tremendous depth, (the deepest, Seneca, is over 600 feet), the larger lakes do not freeze even in the frigid Western New York winters.

The unique climate of the lake region is ideal for grape growing and wine making.

The cities of Geneva and Canandaigua were important pioneer settlements in the early history of Western New York. Ontario County "the mother of counties", at one time took in most of the Genesee Country.

According to Indian legend, Bare Hill at the foot of Canandaigua Lake near Naples was the birthplace of the Seneca people. The death throes of a wounded serpent (right) supposedly cleared the hill of its vegetation, and thus the name.

The one-time Seneca capital, Ganondagan, near Victor in Ontario County, is now a state historic site.


Note:For purposes of this travel guide, the Western Finger Lakes region is considered to comprise the counties of Ontario, Seneca, and Yates. Under the New York State "Vacationland" scheme, these three counties are included in the 14 county Finger Lakes region.


A Native American artists conception of the creation of Bare Hill above Canandaigua Lake


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