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Featured Parks in in the Rochester/Erie Canal area

(including Nature Preserves & Gardens)

Institute for Environmental Learning, Lyndonville, Orleans Co.

Wolves, owls, eagles and cougars are at home at the Institute for Environmental Learning in Orleans County. This unique educational organization allows visitors to observe and photograph both common and endangered selected predators at close range. The Institute's current focus is on North American birds of prey, mountain lions and gray wolves. The latter, raised from pups, live together as a social pack in a half-acre enclosure.

Iroquois Wildlife Refuge, Orleans County

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge encompasses nearly 11,000 acres of wooded swamps, marshlands, wet meadows, pasture and cropland. It is continguous to both the Oak Orchard Creek and Tonawanda Game Management areas, creating 20,000 acres of natural habitat for wildlife and waterfowl. The Iroquois Refuge is the place to welcome migrating geese and to enjoy 10 different species of ducks. Over 20,000 people attend the annual hatching of endangered bald eagles. 585-948-5182

More Parks

Chimney Bluff State Park: Sodus Bay, Wayne County.

Hamlin Beach State Park: Monroe County. 585-964-2462

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