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Into the Modern Era

Since pioneer days, the region has always been at the forefront of modern technology and innovation

The curator of the AWA Wireless Radio Museum reigns over a collection of early radios, TVs and other forms of vintage communication.

The same ingenuity that harnessed the river, and tamed the wilderness soon blossomed in an industrial revolution of innovation. In 1880, George Eastman founded the business that would lead Rochester to its current role as the World's Image Centre.

The Kodak camera, and the new plateless film process Eastman invented, made it possible for photography to become a pastime for the masses. "Just push the button and we do the rest," the company said and millions did. His stately home has been restored as the International Museum of Photography.

While Eastman was tinkering with his film, other Western New Yorkers dreamed of revolutions in transportation­in particular, the dream of flight.

Glenn Curtiss, a native of Hammondsport, Steuben County was one of the founders of modern aviation. His 1908 flight just west of the village was the first pre-announced public flight. He spent 20 years in litigation with the Wright Brothers over the rights to his inventions. The Glenn H Curtiss Museum now tells his story

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