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The Genesee Valley / Letchworth Region

The Genesee Valley / Letchworth region straddles the Genesee River as it flows northward from its Pennsylvania origins to the outskirts of Rochester.This is a rich agricultural area with top soils along the river over 10 feet deep, and limestone deposits ground into the soil by thousands of years of glaciation. There are many agricultural attractions.

Letchworth State Park (Below) "The Grand Canyon of the East" attracts over 1 million visitors a year to marvel at its 600 foot deep gorges created by the relentless action of the river. This is one of the best places to study the geology of Western New York, either from the quiet of hiking trail, on a wild raft ride through the canyon, or a balloon ride over the gorge.

The Grand Canyon of the East


Note:For purposes of this travel guide, the Genesee Valley / Letchworth region is considered to comprise the counties of Allegany, Livingston, Genesee and Wyoming. Under the New York State "Vacationland" scheme, these counties are nonsensically divided between 3 regions.

As befits an agricultural area, the connection to nature is strong, and there is nothing stronger in the Genesee Valley, than the bond between man and horse. The Genesee Valley Hunt in Geneseo, one of the oldest in the country, still rides to hounds every fall in search of the elusive fox. Steeplechase and stadium jumping are also popular spectator sports.

Those seeking to commune with nature can visit the Beaver Meadow Nature Center in Java, Wyoming County.

For a more man-made thrill, try Six Flags Darien Lake in Genesee County.



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