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Featured Parks in in the Corning / Elmira

(including Nature Preserves & Gardens)


Finger Lakes Trail, Regional

544 miles of hiking trail from Allegany State Park to the Catskills. The Finger Lakes Trail goes through Finger Lakes National Forest: New York state's only national forest. 585-658-9320

Stony Brook State Park, South Dansville, Steuben County

Stony Brook Glen is a new valley in an ancient landscape. Its rocks are older than the dinosaurs. At Stony Brook, a post-glacial stream has eroded a gorge in the soft shale layers, creating high cliffs and picturesque waterfalls. Stony Brook was hunted and fished first by Seneca Indians, and has been a summer tourist destination since 1883. Today, visitors enjoy natural stone-lined swimming pools, camping, hiking, and picnicking. 585-335-5530.

Watkins Glen State Park, Watkins Glen, Schuyler County

Retreating glaciers cut the Genesee Country mercilessly, leaving behind breathtaking gorges like Watkins Glen,(Right) a rugged chasm remarkable for its varied plant life and breathtaking topography. Walking trails take visitors past ancient rock laid down for thousands of generations. An ancient stream meanders through the gorge, falling from high and low heights creating waterfalls of all sizes and intensities. 607-535-4511.

More Parks

Birdseye Hollow Park & State Forest: Steuben County. 200-foot handicap-accessible fishing pier. 607-776-2165.

Finger Lakes National Forest: New York state's only national forest. Hiking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling. 25 miles of trails. 607-546-4470.

New York State Fish Hatcheries: Bath, Steuben County, 607-776-7087; Caledonia, Livingston County, 800-538-7365

Queen Catherine Marsh: Schuyler County, 607-733-9013

Sugar Hill State Forest: Schuyler County. Over 40 miles of trails. National and international archery tournaments. 607-292-6822.

Tanglewood Nature Center: West Hill Road, Elmira. 607-732-6060

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