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Museums and Historic Sites in Corning/Elmira area

Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, Chemung County

The Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, Chemung County. has a permanent collection of 17th, 18th & 19th century paintings and sculpture. The museum also hosts a wide variety of traveling exhibits. 607-734-3697.

Corning Glass Center, Corning, Steuben County

The Corning Glass Center in Steuben County is one of the most populat destinations in Western New York. The center is actually a complex of four attractions:The Corning Museum of Glass offers the world's greatest collection of glass, dating from 1400 B.C., through the 20th century. 607-937-5371. Both serious students and tourists work with glass at The Museum Studio, 607-974-6467. Hands-on exhibits and live demonstrations are offered at the Hall of Science and Technology. Finally, The Steuben Factory is the only place on the planet where Steuben glass artisans create masterpieces from molten glass.

Glenn Curtiss Museum, Hammondsport, Steuben County

Aircraft and engines, that's what you'll find at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport. Curtiss, pioneer aviator and inventor of the small engine, loved motorcycles. The museum also shows turn-of-the-century Steuben County life. 607-569-2160. Or check out their website.

Newtown Battlefield, Elmira, Chemung County

Newtown Battlefield and Sullivan's Monument mark the site of Gen. Sullivan's Revolutionary War victory over the Seneca and British forces. Today a beautiful 330-acre county park, Newtown offers family camping, hiking and picnicking. Newtown Battlefield, Elmira. 607-732-6067.

The Rockwell Museum, Corning, Steuben County

The Rockwell Museum boasts the largest collection of western American art in the eastern United States. Also featured are Native American artifacts. 607-937-5386.

More Museums

National Soaring Museum, Elmira, Chemung County. 607-734-3128.


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