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Museums and Historic Sites in the Rochester/Erie Canal area

Brown's Race Historic District, Rochester, Monroe County

In 1818, Francis and Matthew Brown cut a quarter mile channel through solid bedrock and harnessed the power of the Genesee River's 96-foot High Falls to bring water power to Rochesterville. Today, Brown's Race Historic District pays tribute to these early 19th century entrepreneurs and their fledgling technology. Visitors can see the original, rebuilt 25-foot, 12-ton waterwheel ensconced in its original chamber. Another tribute to early Rochester technology, the Center at High Falls is a commercial center set in a restored factory. State and Platt Streets, Rochester. 585-325-2030.

George Eastman House, Rochester, Monroe County

George Eastman House is two museums in one! It's a 12-acre estate with landmark Colonial Revival mansion and gardens and the world's leading museum of photograph and film. The Eastman House features a hands-on learning center for children and an evening film program in the Dryden Theatre, highlighting the museum's motion picture collection. 585-271-3361.

Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, Monroe County

The spectra of human creativity shines brilliantly at Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, where 5,000 years of the world's great art is on display. Numbered among its treasures are works by Matisse, Cezanne, Homer, Cassatt and Monet. The Dorothy McBride Gill Education Center's interactive displays are aimed at families seeking new ways to explore art. Clothesline Festival first weekend of Sept. at gallery grounds. Oldest and largest arts & crafts festival in area. 585-473-7720.

Rochester Museum & Science Center, Rochester, Monroe County

Rochester Museum & Science Center features exhibits on regional and local history, natural science, technology and geology, and includes a planetarium. The permanent "Western Door" exhibit tells the story of the Native American habitation of the region. The museum also operates the Cumming Nature Center, a 900-acre environmental education center in the Bristol Hills. 585-271-1880.

Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, Monroe County

Families and history come together at the Strong Museum, where hands-on exhibits tell the tale of everyday life in American since 1820. World-renown collections are stacked like treasures on the second floor: tens of thousands of dolls, toys, miniatures, dollhouses, home furnishings, and more. Each interactive exhibit is geared toward kids having fun, while learning about the past. 585-454-7639.

Victorian Doll Museum, North Chili, Monroe County

Twenty-seven years of collecting led to the establishment of the Victorian Doll Museum. German porcelain dolls dating from the 1890s are a highlight. Next door is the internationally respected Chili Doll Hospital. 585-247-0130.

More Museums

New York Museum of Transportation, Rush., Monroe County 585-533-1113.

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