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July 2, 2003

I enjoyed your website so much. Living in FL for the past twelve years I'm finally taking a trip HOME! to NY! I found all that I wanted and needed to know or remember for my vacation. I can't wait to take my children to all the places I grew to love and miss soooo much. Thank you for your website and all the information provided! Now I know that my vacation will be complete while I enjoy watching my childrens smiles the same as my parents did mine.

Spring Hill, FL

Looking for info on Upstate New York and did a search using Hotbot search engine. Spent 18 years living in Canandaigua New York until I Joined the Navy in 1990. Have been away from the state the past 9 years and miss it immensely. From what I can remember visiting, enjoying,and learning while living there, your site covers it all. Was amazed at all the information and detail that was offered about Western New York in just one site.

For all the numerous countries and states that I have seen in the past decade almost, I still have yet to find a place I would rather call home.

Richard Crowley
Omaha, Nebraska

August 7, 1998

Not sure just how I got here, but I've put in a bookmark for it and revisit. Your site is like an encyclopedia of things to do, places to go, sites to see. I write for a preschool newsletter, giving parents suggestions on where to take their children.

Your site gave me phone numbers, addresses, and more ideas than I expected. I've been having a busy summer following my own suggestions with my children in tow. Great reference. I can't thank you enough for making it available to the public!

Vera Elyjiw,
Peregrine Communications
Rochester , NY (for the last 30 years; born in Toronto, Canada)

July 23, 1998

Thank you for such a wonderful site that allows you to access so many other useful sites. I grew up in Rushville, am currently living in Maryland and have a friend who is planning on vacationing in the Finger Lakes and I was able to pull up all kinds of information for her and her family.

It really makes me miss the area! It is really wonderful to see so many businesses and organizations working together to create a unified website. It gives the area a very professional feel! Congratulations on a job well done!

Kristan Wohlschlegel,
Crofton, Md.


Hi there! I am so happy that the world can now discover the magic that is Western New York. This is a wonderful site! Whenever I get homesick, I shall call up this site!

I grew up in Livonia, living all my life in McPherson's Cove on Conesus Lake. I am currently living in the United Kingdom and have been a guest speaker at numerous local civic organizations. I need your help if at all possible:

What is the Seneca meaning for Conesus?

I know that question most likely falls into the "sample of questions we don't answer, but I am crossing my fingers that someone on your staff from Geneseo, may possibly know the answer off the "top of their head". Thanks for this informative and attractive site.


Wanda S. Tubbs - Kemerton - United Kingdom

Congratulations on a fantastic and well done site. I will highly advise all I know who would be interested. I really can't say enough about your detailed accounts of so many points of interest and valuable bits of information about our area. You have covered, from what I can see, just about all areas of need to take advantage of the resources available to all of us Western New Yorkers. I am really thankful for your history section. This is an area I really did enjoy and looking forward to see what else you will add to let us know of our heritage. Thank you very much.

Sam Marzano

I really enjoyed looking at the Corning website. Before I saw the page, I had an image of Corning in my mind, and the website totally changed that mental picture.

Zach Smith
Great Neck, NY

My husband and I just got back from vacationing in Genesee County, NY. I was born in Medina, NY and my parents uprooted me to AZ in 1960. My dad's relatives live in Genesee County and I sincerely love it there. I didn't get to see Letchworth Park this time. I am very sad to be back in miserable hot Phoenix! I am sure I will be visiting your site often throughout the year and I am going to hint for a subscription for a birthday present....

Cyndy Bensema
Phoenix, AZ

I think it's great that we have something on the net to promote the Genesee Country.

Timothy McDonnell
Webster, NY

Reading about some of these places makes me so homesick for the east!

Jennifer Walker
Orem, Utah

I enjoyed it. I am looking for a list of shows for Eastern USA. I found your write up on Walnut Hill Farms very good.

Krista Dalzell,
Ontario, Canada

The site is great.
I am actually going to Darien Lake this upcoming weekend (august 2, 3, 4) and read lots of great things about it. I am a total amusement park fan, so am greatly looking forward to it!

Claudia Barbisan
Ontario, Canada

Thank you for putting this site together. I have lived in Ontario County for most of my life, but have never experienced some of the attractions listed. I just moved back here, after living in the southwest for a year and a half, and am rediscovering the beauty of Upstate New York. This area is new to my husband and daughter and your listing is a perfect guide to the areas we want to visit and the history we want to learn.
Thank you,

Cindy Cox
Victor, N.Y.

Very well designed site,
Lodging information easy to use and informative.

Jacques Ducharme
Montreal Quebec

Currently live in Edgewater, FL; and was playing on my friend's computer and ran into your web page by accident- its so nice to see something from back home!

Sarah Allen
Mt. Morris, NY

I was looking for some information on Letchworth Park for a friend of mine that lives in Canada. I was surprised to find such a wonderful site! I only wish there were more stories on the history of the park. Thank you,

Debi Preston
Perry, New York

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